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Not just tech… quick and easy breakfast ideas for the working week.

Getting back into the office routine can be tough after months of working from home and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever suits! Remembering to eat or pack a healthy meal before a full day in the office can be the last thing on your to do list however it is so important to be prioritising your nutrition at this time… and always!

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Cyber Security risks and best practices

Cyber security should be at the top of every businesses’ priority list. The internet is frequently where many of us do our business, find new customers and staff, communicate with customers, and advertise and sell products. The internet brings huge opportunities and benefits, but it also brings risks as well.

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“As an industry where we pride ourselves on giving sanctuary in a busy world, the concept of service must change rapidly.” The recent Covid-19 outbreak has wreaked an almost perfect storm upon the hospitality industry in recent months with Governmental interventions, international tensions and travel restrictions creating an almost unworkable environment for anyone connected to the hotel supply chain.

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How do we work remotely, alone….?

So here we are, in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown! Like you all I’m sure this has taken some significant adjustment. However, many of you will have been told blithely by your ‘tech’ teams, before being ‘pushed’ towards the office exit, that “working from home had been enabled…” but what does that really mean?

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IT systems and Client Confidentiality

With the arrival of GDPR in 2018 and increasing restrictions on client confidentiality, it is important that your IT infrastructure assists data safety and confidentiality. In this article, Nick Hill, Director at Sureline Communications and AGILIS Mobile, explores the threats businesses face with data breaches and best practices for preventing them in the

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Five essential apps for businesses.

When you work away from the office, you likely use your smartphone to stay updated with customers, colleagues, finances and relevant news. As smartphone technology has adapted further in recent years to meet the needs of businesses, apps have become a more popular way for employees to carry out tasks in daily working life. Here we suggest the five most essential apps for business right now…

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